Corvar is a country in Zarhanna, on the world of Lezaria. It is located on the western coast, north of Noraley and west of Garateck.


The trolls of Garateck invaded Corvar and conquered the land, keeping the surviving elves as slaves. The occasional attempt by Noraley to reclaim the land was met with failure, in part due to the Noralian tribes' lack of organization. Over centuries of slavery, the elves of Corvar acquired more rights and protections, prohibitions against their mistreatment, and eventual liberation. Although bad blood still exists, Corvar remains one of the few places on Lezaria where elves and trolls coexist relatively peacefully.


Although originally a Zarhian tongue, the language of Corvar changed drastically over the years of occupation under the trolls. They retained much of their grammar, but borrowed many words from Tominian brought in by the trolls.