Dragons are large, magical, reptilian beings. They typically have a pair of wings, four legs, and a long tail, although there is some variation on this pattern for certain breeds of dragon.

The color of a dragon's scales depends not upon ancestry, but magical Talents. While this generally results in dragons having the same color as their parents, this isn't necessarily true, especially in the case of crossbreeds. For instance, although Lexen Chelseer is descended from Thalajersal Blazewood, a red dragon, he transforms into a blue dragon instead, since his Talents are Lightning and Time Magic.[1]

Many dragons, although not all, are capable of shapeshifting.[2] The term "weredragon" is not used to differentiate between them, however. Anyone with the inborn capacity to assume a draconic form is considered to be a dragon, whether they were born humanoid or reptilian. Those humanoids of draconic descent who are unable to shapeshift are called Dragonblood.

Dragons are inherently magical creatures, and are unable to survive without mana in their draconic forms.

For habitat, dragons tend to favor cliffs and mountains far from civilization, especially ones who are not able to change form. The only known city of dragons, Anachelgada, is located in the Chelseer Mountains on the world of Lezaria.