Garateck is a country in Zarhanna, on the world of Lezaria. It is primarily inhabited by trolls, orcs, goblins, and dragons.


Garateck is primarily located in the Skyshadow Mountains. It is bound on the south by Noraley and Taverak, on the east by Reezahn, on the north by Tominia, and on the west by Corvar.

Its largest city and cultural heart is Kebab-de-Garateck, located near the eastern edge of the mountains near the border to Reezahn.


Therrin's expedition was saved by giant eagles during an expedition through Garateck, prompting her and her companions to form the Windriders.[1]

The dragon Scregor made his lair in the mountains of Garateck, where he was slain by Elen the Excellent and his companions.[2]