Void Magic is probably the rarest and least understood Talent. It has, throughout modern Elkandu history, been confused with Catalysm and Creation both at various points, while being not really related closely to either. In modern parlance, Void is used very little, merely calling many of its abilities antimagic without reference to a Talent, and grouping its traveling abilities under Dream Magic.

In fact, the ability of dreamwalkers to traverse and manipulate the Ethereal Plane is probably more rightly a part of Void than it ever was of Dream. If anything, the two talents used in this manner could probably be more properly called Ethereal Magic or planeswalking. However, because of Void's rarity and the fact that the nature of the Dreamworld is not well-understood by all but the highest dreamwalkers, general understanding of their connection will be slow to come at best.

Void Mages are capable of creating antimagic and antimatter, destruction of both magic and matter. They can traverse and manipulate the Ethereal Plane as a whole, with a far greater range than that of most dreamwalkers. Their ability to manipulate reality is achieved by altering the closer layers of the Ethereal Plane. This ability has recently been termed as Pattern Magic, because of the elves from the Pattern Realm calling it so.

Notable Void Mages include:

Talents Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Frost, Lightning, Healing, Death, Soul, Change, Seeking, Security, Motion, Illusion, Mind, Dream, Speech, Time, Void, Catalysm
Spells Teleportation, Soulfire
Concepts Aura, Mana, Node, Soul, Gemstones, Runes